My name is Kathleen.  In November of 2008, I was laid off from my job as a Financial Controller.  This wasn't a bad thing as I was tired of the corporate world and longed to do my own thing.  I thought about all the toys that end up in landfills and how that could be changed.  I have loved toys since my kids were little and my kids had lots.  If I could fix and clean the once loved toys, I could bring them back to life and make another child love that same toy, even 20 years later.  I had thought about this back when my son was born over 25 years ago in 1985.  I longed to buy used toys from a store instead of hunting them down at yard sales and the like.  Most of the time, all they needed was a little TLC.  

So I started shopping.  I learned where to shop and what to buy.  For the most part, I shop at thrift stores, yard sales, and sometimes Craigs List.  I buy toys and lots of them.  I bring them home and then the work begins.  I clean them inside and out.  I use a lot of Ajax, Bleach, Vinegar, Magic Eraser, Scrubbies, Sponges, Goo Off, WD40, Plastic Gloves, Scrub Brushes, Dawn, and good old Simple Green.  I order any missing parts from Little Tikes, Fisher Price, and Step 2.  I fix anything I can and if I can't fix it, my husband can.  He is very supportive of my business.  He enjoys toys almost as much as I do.  Then I search on the web for the exact name of the product (if I haven't seen it before) and recent sales of it.  I take pictures, write an ad, list it on Craigs List and my website, and then meet with shoppers.  It does take up a whole lot of time!  But it's okay because my motto is:

I specialize in top brands that are made to last: Little Tikes, Step 2, Fisher Price, Today's Kids, Kettler, Radio Flyer and occasionly other brands if I believe they are of good quality.  

All toys are given the TLC they deserve and you want.  

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